Essential and Valuable Functions Only
Technology Roadmap
Zhuoyu's Inertial-Aided Stereo Camera and LiDAR-Stereo Onebox are cost-effective solutions to provide accurate and high-resolution dense 3D point cloud to enable safe general obstacle detection. The system supports flexible configuration of radars, ultrasonics and LiDAR. With Inertial-Aided Stereo Camera, the system can achieve features including Navigation on City Driving. The innovative LiDAR-Stereo Onebox can further enhance performance in complex urban scenarios and meet the redundancy requirements for L3 / L4 autonomous driving systems.
Algorithms and Software
Strong local perception capabilities based on stereo vision, high-precision visual-inertial navigation and positioning, surround view perception, BEV object & lane detection, and online road structure reasoning technology. Next-generation intelligent planning architecture that integrates data-driven prediction and planning networks, and models safety, efficiency, and comfort in an interpretable framework. Deep optimization of networks and computations for various chips.
Computing Platform
The computing platform is integrated with core components including Safety MCU, ISP and GNSS. By customizing SoC specifications and optimizing system resources jointly in hardware and software, the platform improves AD performance with less computational resources. The platform design also adapts well to different scenarios. The product complies with ISO 26262, ISO 21434, and meets safety requirements for L2+ and L3 / L4 autonomous driving cars.
Fleet Learning
The large-scale, automated fleet learning toolchain supports end-to-end automated data mining, data labeling, model training and evaluation, model deployment, and cloud simulation testing. It also provides large 4D auto labeling pipelines to feed high-quality training data to algorithms. In addition, over-the-air (OTA) updates in software features and performance are supported to continuously deliver the latest and best driving experience for users.
Inertial-Aided Stereo Camera
With leading expertise in visual perception algorithms and experience in the production of millions of sensor systems, Zhuoyu has developed a variety of cameras, including monocular and inertial-aided stereo ones. Monocular cameras can accurately detect objects including pedestrians, vehicles, road markings, and road edges. Inertial-Aided Stereo Cameras achieve great safety and reliability. They can accurately detect both common objects and arbitrary types of obstacles based on robust depth perception of a 3D space.
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LiDAR-Stereo Onebox
LiDAR-Stereo Onebox integrates an automotive-grade LiDAR, an inertial-aided stereo camera, and a tele camera into a single module. It supports in-cabin integration behind the front windshield. The leading raw-data level sensor fusion technology provides high-quality 3D point clouds. The system significantly enhances safety and comfort in challenging scenarios such as urban with busy traffic or extreme light conditions. Compared with conventional solutions with separate monocular cameras and LiDARs, the LiDAR-Stereo Onebox fully achieve the same functionality and performance while reducing the overall cost by 30% - 40%.
Autonomous Driving Controller
Zhuoyu's AD controller is a high-performance, automotive-grade, and highly scalable universal computing platform designed for autonomous driving. It is developed in strict accordance with the ISO 21434 cybersecurity standard and ISO 26262 functional safety standard, and meets ASIL-D design standards. It offers computing power that ranges from 32 to 200 TOPS, which can be configured based on system requirements. The AD controllers are IP6K7 rated and pass the strictest reliability test standards.
High-Performance Deployment
With Zhuoyu's high-performance toolchains including automated model deployment, a unified heterogeneous task scheduling framework, and high-performance operators, various types of chips can be supported for efficient deployment of leading algorithms.
Chengxing Platform realize Navigation on Highway Driving and City Driving with Memory with only 32 AI TOPS. By upgrading to 100 AI TOPS, the flagship Navigation on City Driving feature is also supported.
Compatible with ICEV & EV
Chengxing Platform supports passenger cars fueled by different types of power under the constraints of power consumption and resources. Not only electric and hybrid vehicles, but also their gasoline-powered counterparts are supported. Chengxing platform-powered vehicles keep emerging in the market.
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