Leading Autonomous Driving Supplier and Service Provider
With industry-leading autonomous driving (AD) systems and core components, Zhuoyu offers a broad range of advanced AD solutions for passenger vehicles of different prices and power types, enabling fast mass production of autonomous vehicles for partners, and improving the AD experience for users.
Easy Access to Advanced AD Features
As Zhuoyu's flagship product, Chengxing Platform offers advanced AD features for all scenarios, including highways, urban roads, and parking. The platform supports cockpit-driving integration and various chips. Inertial-Aided Stereo Camera, LiDAR-Stereo Onebox, or third-party components such as LiDAR and HD maps can be integrated to realize more innovative features. Chengxing Platform can shorten the development cycle for OEMs and facilitate their swift transition to autonomous vehicles.
Excellent R&D and Engineering Capabilities
Design, development, testing and manufacturing of AD controllers and sensors.
Innovative AI & Robotics technology.
Large scale AI infrastructure.
Supporting automotive-grade safety OS with ISO 26262 certification.
Independent of free and open source software (FOSS).
High-Quality Delivery
Zhuoyu has established automotive-grade management process for full product cycle. While maintaining excellent supply chain management, quality assurance, and product development, Zhuoyu keeps making progress in practice to provide customers with high-quality, high-performance, and low-cost AD products.
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Automotive-Grade Factories
Zhuoyu's Intelligent Manufacturing Center is dedicated to one-stop manufacturing of key AD components, such as vision sensors, controllers, and LiDAR. The center has advanced equipments and professional teams with extensive automotive expertise, outstanding technical capabilities, and years of automotive industry experience. Supported by digital systems such as PLM, ERP, MES, EAM, and QMS, Zhuoyu meets the stringent requirements of world-class automotive-grade intelligent manufacturing in line with the standards of Industry 4.0.
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