Easy Access to Advanced AD Features
7V + 32 TOPS
7V + 100 TOPS
10V + 100 TOPS
LiDAR-Stereo Onebox + 100 TOPS
Cockpit-Driving Fusion
Active Safety
Parking Assist
Auto Parking
Multi-Floor Auto Parking
Driving Assist
Navigation on Highway Driving
City Driving with Memory
Active Safety
Providing multiple active safety features including FCW, AEB, LDW, LDP, BSD, and DOW.
Parking Assist
Applicable to three parking scenarios: Parking Assist, Intelligent Summon, and Remote Parking Assist.
Auto Parking
The system memorizes demo routes and supports three parking modes (User-Selected, Zone, and Explore) in both indoor and outdoor parking lots.
Multi-Floor Auto Parking
The system memorizes demo routes across parking floors and assists vehicles throughout the entire parking process from going through the toll barrier to parking at the designated space.
Driving Assist
Automated longitudinal and lateral control, with features such as Driver-Triggered Lane Changing, Intelligent Collision Avoidance, Override, and Intersection Handling.
Navigation on Highway Driving
Features including Toll Station Passing, Auto Lane Changing, and Ramp to Ramp Navigation are provided to enable continuous driving on highways and city expressways all over the country without relying on HD maps.
City Driving with Memory
The system memorizes demo routes and provides features including Intersection Handling, Traffic Light Recognition, Lane Changing, and Ramp to Ramp Navigation. The system memorizes a route with only one demonstration by online algorithms along the way. Vehicle-cloud interaction is not required.
Navigation on City Driving
Features including Construction Handling, Overtaking and Bypassing, and Intersection Handling are provided for human-like driving on urban roads across the country without relying on HD maps.
Road Profiling
Road Profiling integrates terrain recognition and road elevation detection features. With terrain recognition, the system recognizes the type of road ahead and automatically adjusts the driving mode. With road elevation detection, the undulating elevation of the road in front of the moving vehicle is estimated, allowing the system to automatically adjust suspension parameters to improve driver comfort.
Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB)
support stereo camera-based ambient light measurement, vehicle detection, vulnerable road user (VRU) detection, automatic light turn-on/off, and intelligent control of the illuminated area.
Panoramic Digital Video Recording (DVR)
Video streams generated by surround view fisheye cameras can be sent to in-vehicle infotainment system to realize panoramic DVR.
Automatic Windshield Wipers
The mode of windshield wipers is adjusted according to the rainfall intensity estimated by vision cameras. It saves rain sensors used on the vehicle.
Fog Recognition
The defog mode is automatically activated when the vision sensor detects fog on the front windshield.
Anti-Theft Monitoring
Surround view fisheye cameras are used to detect scratches, theft, and other incidents. The data captured is sent to the vehicle's system to track and monitor the car for enhanced security.
Autonomous Driving HMI Product
Chengxing Platform provides customers with excellent 3D interaction and visualization solutions for autonomous driving. These solutions come with a full range of product design and development capabilities from requirements analysis to product definition, experience design, and software development, revolutionizing user experience with intelligent features.
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Automotive Drone System
Chengxing Platform can integrate with the Drone System to bring a fresh perspective to travel. This system includes a vehicle-mounted dock, an in-vehicle drone controller, and multimodal interaction applications. When used with a consumer drone, the system provides capabilities such as dynamic takeoff, intelligent vehicle following, dynamic landing, automatic charging, and automatic photography and post-editing. Innovative functions can be realized by combining this system with Chengxing Platform to tailor driving experiences to high-end, personalized vehicle models.
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